Our new production, Pale Blue Dot, will premiere on November 24th 2015 in Bordeaux (France) at a Festival produced by the University of Bordeaux:

Click on the logo to visi the festival's web site. Check out also FACTS facebook page.

The show will premiere in a WONDERFUL theatre: Le Carré-Les Colonnes.

The Play could not have happened without the very precious help of many researchers and experts in the field that have holped us understand the many issues involved in Climate Change, the science of the Environment, the Physics behind the most intricate ideas and the Economics involved. In particular we would like to thank:

University of Trento - Department of Physics 
Professor Stefano Oss
Dott. Giuliano Zendri

Retired Professor Antonio Zecca - Formerly of the University of Trento - Department of Physics

University of Bordeaux - GREThA
Eric Brouillat
Sylvie Ferrari
Matthieu Montalban
Nathalie Gaussier
Alexandre Berthe
Vanessa Oltra

University of Bordeaux - EPOC
Pierre Labadie
Hugues Bijoux
Emilie Perraudin
Claire Gouny

University of Bordeaux - ETBX (Irstea Bordeaux)
Frédéric Saudubray
Bruno Bouet
Anne Gassiat
Arnaud Sergent
Valerie Deldréve
Jean Marie Lescot
Jeann Dachary-Bernard
Gabrielle Bouleau
Denis Salles
Alienor De Rouffignac
Caitrìona Carter
Clarisse Cazals

University of Bordeaux - EABX (Irstea Bordeaux)
Françoise Daverat
Eric Rochard