Taking out Grandpa reviews

Taking out Grandpa is JPT's second production, dated 2014. It was constructed with the idea of expanding on the "storytelling" style that had been explored with The Principle of Uncertainty. On stage two actors (Roberto Abbiati - the Augusto Clown and Andrea Brunello - the White Clown) play with concepts like time, entropy, relativity and quantum mechanics...

Here are some excerpts from the press reviews.

“…Exceptional performance by the two actors that have conquered, more than once, big open stage applause, and that have turned their show into a big celebration of life and of the “present” time.” Michela Bottanelli - Persinsala.it

“The two actors have transmitted knowledge and joyfulness (…) and they were rewarded with long and warm applause.” Antonia Dalpiaz - L’Adige

“It is theatre but it is also science, culture, but most of all emotion. (…) A very funny, poetic, addictive and extravagant way to ponder upon physics, to investigate the human side of science.” Vincenzo Sardelli - Scuola e Amministrazione