Quantum Physics and the probability or uncertainty of Trump’s Election

To understand the universe, classical physics had to incorporate quantum mechanics, which describes a micro-world of uncertainty and ambiguity that is harder to measure but defines our true reality. Likewise, as recent geopolitical shocks are have proven, outdated methods are no longer capable or sufficient to explain global society’s complex and interconnected systems. (Read full article here: Quartz).

Works like Jet Propulsion Theatre's The Principle of Uncertainty take a whole new dimension in this light!


Another urgent wake-up call… Before the Flood

Yet another strong wake-up call on the urgency of dealing with Climate Change now, with actions and not just good intentions… For those of you who have seen Jet Propulsion Theatre’s play Pale Blue Dot, this excellent documentary will confirm many of the important messages brought forward in this play. This documentary can be viewed on Youtube for free only until 5 November!