Teatro della Meraviglia - Theatre of Wonder

JPT is quite busy these days with the organization of the science - theatre and science communication festival “Teatro della Meraviglia”.

This is a joint project done with the University of Trento and the Opera Universitaria of Trento and it will happen over two weekends in January 2017: from the 13th through the 22nd.

4 theatre shows and 4 Augmented Lectures (check out this post) will be performed at the Sanbàpolis Theatre in Trento. As of now all the events will be in Italian but please feel free to contact us if you have suitable proposals in other languages for future editions of the festival!

Here is a link: www.teatrodellameraviglia.it
Twitter hashtag: #MeravigliaTeatroFestival

Come and discover wonder with us!

JPT’s Augmented Lectures awarded at Reimagine Education 2016

We are very proud to announce that our project Augmented Lectures: When Scientists Meer Artists has been shortlisted and subsequently awarded the Bronze Award for the Cultivating Curiosity Award at the 2016 Reimagine Education Conference which has taken place on 5-6 December in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

"With attendees from the world’s top universities and most promising ed tech startups, four tracks tailored to ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to see their interests represented, and keynote speeches provided by educational luminaries, it has been an essential event for anybody invested in the future of education."

We are quite happy of this result because it shows that our “low tech” approach to science communication and education is remarkably interesting and spot-on. We’d like to thank the University of Trento for having sponsored us and for believing so strongly in our project.

Here’s the Judges’ motivation for the prize:

The Augmented Lecture initiative to engage science in the arts has the potential to expand curiosity and interest in the sciences. This initiative will help far more people to engage creatively with the sciences with its new and more accessible modes of discourse.

Please check out the Reimagine Education 2016 Honours List here —> Link