Summer Scriptwriting Base in Bulgaria - July 2018

For those interested in "Storytelling for the Digital Age" there is a very exciting opportunity to get your hands and feet wet... the Summer Script Writing Base organized by Arte Urbana Collectif of Sofia (Bulgaria) and directed by Dimitar Uzunov will be devoted to our very own Digital Village.

From July 18th through the 28th in Sofia and in Bozhentsi (Bulgaria) several communication and arts professionals will share their expertise participants students and young professionals from all around Europe and beyond: screenwriters, playwrights, storytellers, journalists, science communicators, bloggers, content creators for creative industries, and all other people who write.

JPT's Andrea Brunello will conduct a 4 day workshop ""How to create an exciting story taking inspiration from Science".

For those interested, enrolment is still open, 'till early may. (-> Info)

Summer Scriptwriting Base Logo!

Heading to Sofia Science Festival 2018

Jet Propulsion Theatre will be part of the 2018 edition of the Sofia Science Festival!

This will be a great opportunity for our project to showcase both its productions and also present a new work. As a matter of fact JPT will be involved in two events:

On May 11th @ 16.30 there will be a staging of Il Principio dell'Incertezza "Unplugged" in Italian with Bulgarian subtitles. This event is made possible by a grant of the Italian Institute of Culture of Sofia. (-> info)

On May 13th @ 11.00 we will present the Augmented Lecture / Performance The Long Way To the Stars. This show is a joint project carried out by JPT with Forum Democrit and Arte Urbana Collectif. JPT's Andrea Brunello will direct Sofia University's astrophysicist Vladimir Bozhilov and actor Dimitar Uzunov. The project is funded by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria under the “Cultural Programme for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018”. (-> info)

The Sofia Science Festival Eye!


I Love Science Festival @ BOZAR - The Principle of Uncertainty

Well, after Rwanda we are now heading to Brussels, Belgium where we'll be part of the I Love Science Festival at BOZAR, the most important Cultural Center of the city.

The Principle of Uncertainty "Unplugged" will be staged on Saturday April 28th at 20.30 and Sunday April 29th at 14.00. It is a great opportunity for us to showcase our work at a very exciting event filled with great speakers and performances, workshops, Virtual Reality tours, Music, Installations, Performance Lectures... and much more.

We read in the description of the Festival...

During the ‘I Love Science’ festival BOZAR devotes three whole days to an investigation into the links between art and science, some very real, others purely hypothetical. Through a series of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, debates, experimental walks and musical performances the festival looks at the fames and failures of scientists, artists and theatre makers. Explore the notion of Time at a performance-reading, or delve into the virtual reality in the BOZAR LAB. Sign up for a talk on artificial intelligence or take an immersive trip through pop-up smells and sounds of the city. The BOZAR When Art Meets Science Festival is all about experience + experimentation + connection!


JPT Project Reviews

Over time we have had several more "generic" reviews and articles regarding the JPT project. Here we list some of the more interesting ones...

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