Fly Me to the Moon ready for official takeoff / 20 July 2019

Double International Premiere for JPT's New Play

July 20th 2019 marks one of the most important anniversaries in the history of humanity: 50 years earlier two men placed their feet on the Moon, the first time our species crossed the boundaries of our atmosphere to reach another celestial object...

Today our world is very different from what it was then and going to the Moon seems like something from some other age when people with the right stuff achieved amazing feats. It was an age of contradictions but also of great ideals.

We try to capture all that and much more in our new play written by JPT's artistic director Andrea Brunello, Fly Me to the Moon, that will premiere both in Italy and in the United States on the very important anniversary July 20th.

Italian Premiere - Kilowatt Festival
America Premiere - WKU Hardin Planetarium

The Italian premiere (in Italian) will be an Arditodesìo - JPT production directed by Fabrizio Visconti. On stage Laura Anzani and Ettore Distasio. The American Premiere (in English, with a version translated by Brunello) will be a staged reading with actors from a Bowling Green theatre company.

We are very happy about this amazing event and very grateful that Hardin Planetarium offered to us this great opportunity of bringing our work out of European boundaries.

Actors Laura Anzani and Ettore Distasio - MoniQue Foto