JPT Workshop #2 - Storytelling

JPT Workshop #2
Bringing out the human side of science
A project by Arditodesìo Theatre Company


Topic OverviewVery often there arises the need for speaking in public: to present a research project, to ask for a grant, when giving a lesson… but just as often we may feel uneasy about the challenge. Do I feel comfortable being there in front of an audience? What am I doing? Am I aware of what my body is communicating? What about my voice? Should I emphasize certain words? Which ones? Should I look at the audience in the eyes? How do I know when I have the audience’s attention? And more generally: how do I become a better speaker? This workshop aims at developing skills for becoming better communicators.

University professors, researchers, science teachers, science writers, students and science popularizers.

Schematic overview
By using aptly modified theatre training and storytelling techniques we open up to the audience and become better public speakers. In the process we develop practical exercises to: finding one’s center; increase one’s own awareness (what I do, what others do); gaining a healthy sense of confidence in the relationship with the others; developing listening skills; improvisation; tempo/rhythm; leadership and courage. Moreover, during the workshop some time is devoted to proper breathing techniques and voice management.

Participants and Time
Times and frequency can be arranged depending on specific needs! As a general guideline, the workshop is open to no more than 18 people at a time for the duration of at least 10 hours. Of course, the availability of more time for the workshop is always welcome!

The workshop is conducted by Andrea Brunello. Other professionals could be involved depending on specific needs.

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