Artists and Scientists against Climate Change

It is good to read these words:

"Artists and scientists are natural collaborators, both are explorers and
storytellers, seeking out new ways of understanding, communicating (and
indeed, changing) the world around them. So when it comes to the dry
(or simply terrifying) language of climate science, the marriage of the
two can be particularly fruitful. Artists can respond to environmental
data in work that provokes real engagement. By communicating these
issues in lateral, innovative ways, by using humour and humanity, these
sorts of works can reach us on a more animal, cellular, level – and
therefore, hopefully, demand our response."

Here’s the article where they are written:


It is good to read these words for two reasons. We, at JPT, believe that art and science MUST work together to reach out to the general public and explain very fundamental scientific issues in ways that we all can understand. But also because Climate Change (CC) is probably the biggest problem facing us (there are many others… and they are pretty much inter-related).

The initiative at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Manchester is very important. We are also very much engaged in the issue: Pale Blue Dot, our latest production, is alla bout CC and taking care of our Mother Earth. After all, in complete agreement with what Carl Sagan used to say, it is our spaceship, the only one we have.

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