Bringing Research into the Classroom - SPNE14 in Athens

JPT's work aims at bringing out the Human Side of Science, and it does so through a series of actions like theatre productions, workshops, conferences, communications. We believe that it is of fundamental importance to connect people with the world of science and most importantly with scientists and researchers.

That is why we welcomed very warmly the opportunity to co-organize and co-conduct the SPNE14 to be held in Athens on September 5th 2018: "Research into the classroom". Here's a link to the event.

SPNEs are Networking Event organized by the EU Project Scientix, coordinated by the European Schoolnet.

The event will be devoted to understanding not only how to bring research and schools / students together, but also what are the stereotypes that plague the image that (young) people have of scientists and researchers? Why do they arise? How to dispel them?
We look forward to the conversations, round tables and results.

We'd like to thank the European Schoolnet and Scientix for inviting us.

The organizers of SPNE14