Le Principe de l’Incertitude premiers at the University of Namur

Le Principe d'Incertitude, the french version of The principle of Uncertainty, will be staged on March 23rd 2018 at the Printemps des Sciences, a science popularisation week organised by the science faculties of 5 universities in the Wallonia Brussels Federation (UCL, ULB, UNamur, UMons and UniLiège), united in the network known as sciences.be.

It is a very exciting news for us, because it is the very first time that a JPT play is staged in a language that is not English or Italian. The idea is to setup, in time, a JPT Belgium Hub. The translation of the text has been done by Pierre Echard, the actor Vincent Vanderbeeken will be on stage. The directing is by Andrea Brunello.

As is the custom with JPT performances, in order to highlight the scientific content of the play, this show will be followed by a debate with the audience, which will be moderated by Dr. Luc Henrard, professor in the Physics Department, and an assistant professor in the Quantum Mechanics course, Mathilde Remy.

This performance has been actively promoted by the University of Namur's Confluent des Savoirs, by the engaged professors who will animate the debate, by the Compagnia Arditodesìo via its Belgium mailing list and social networks, as well as by Pierre Echard, in charge of JPT's international development, and based in Brussels.

Among the key target audiences are the schools, theatres, cultural centres and other organisations which will be the future be the hosts of JPT productions in the Wallonia Brussels Federation.

The performance has been made possible in part by a generous grant by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Here is the info regarding the event!

Vincent Vanderbeeken