Teatro della Meraviglia - Theatre of Wonder Festival 2018

For the second year in a row the Arditodesìo Theatre Company | Jet Propulsion Theatre has collaborated in the the organization of the Teatro della Meraviglia Festival (#MeravigliaTeatroFestival). At the heart of the Festival is the idea that science and theatre can meet and in fact they should do so in trying to bring high quality theatre performances to the stage, where the themes are drawn from scientific issues.

The result was extremely exciting: 9 full days of shows, 1700 people attending, many high school and university students and lots of creative energy have characteized the events. More than 30 young volunteers have helped run the events as smoothly as possible. All in all this second edition of the Festival has been a success and we are already looking forward to the all brand new 2019 edition...

For info regarding the 2018 Festival click here.